Welcome to Plug In To Christ!
Saturday, January 23, 2010 by Fr. Santo Arrigo C.Ss.R.

“Plug in to Christ” is a site for youth, young adults and Redemptorists to virtually come together from across Canada to connect through faith.

Together, we plug in to Christ, our source and strength, knowing that through His love, we are invited to share that love, and the Good News of Plentiful Redemption to others in our life, especially those who are abandoned and the poor among us.

We provide information of upcoming events in Redemptorist Parishes, as well as our annual events like S.E.R.V.E. (Summer Endeavour in a Redemptorist Volunteer Experience), summer ministry opportunities at the Shrine of Ste. Anne de Beaupré, Quebec, a year of ministry at The Welcome Home in Winnipeg, and Redemptorist Vocation Discernment Retreat opportunities for young men.

“Plug in to Christ” is a program of the Redemptorist Youth and Vocation Ministry of the Redemptorists of the Edmonton-Toronto Province.

We have gone PAPERLESS! We are not issuing paper NEWSLETTERS, but will be offering a virtual newsletter via email. If you would like to receive these email newsletters, Contact Us!

Online, we provide articles of interest, prayer resources, and Advent and Lent Reflection Resources. Soon, we will be updating our site to include new features! Stay tuned!

Explore our Site, and find out how you may become involved.

Goals of Plug In To Christ and Redemptorist Youth and Vocation Ministry

  • To help youth and young adults to discover their God given gifts and potential as signs of Christ’s presence in the world. Through the giftedness of their lives, young people participate in the proclamation of the Good News of Plentiful Redemption to a world in need.
  • Redemptorists and Lay Collaborators look to find different ways to minister to youth and young adults, to empower them through leadership opportunities, and to continue to evangelize and be evangelized in these ministries. Young people are invited to share in the mission opportunities, and not just be on the receiving end of the mission.
  • Following in the footsteps of St. Alphonsus Liguori, the founder of the Redemptorists, our ministries must be performed through simple language, easily understand, attentive to people and their situations, capable of using the power of love and centrality of conscience.
  • Any Ministry “done well” is vocation ministry: “vocation” understood in terms of discovering the call of Baptism as the starting point of living out your life in Christ. Of course, there is a Vocational Component to R.Y.V.M., and seeks to foster the discernment of Young Men who are called to live their life as a Redemptorist Priest or Brother.