Theme: Is every person considered God’s child?
Friday, March 04, 2011 by Ruth McDonnell

Dear Alphie,
Is every person considered God’s child?

Dear Wondering,

To answer your question rather simply: Yes, everyone is a child of God – even those who do not believe, or belong to different world religions. Christ came to unite all of humanity and save all of creation, not just the ones who know Christ as God. The Church believes that God is present through the workings of peoples of other faiths. The Holy Spirit is at work calling for justice, faith, love and hope to all of humanity. Christ came among us, was revealed to the Gentiles, and Jesus reached out to those who were not of his own faith – who were not part of the chosen people. Jesus bridged the gap between those who believed and those who did not believe. He allowed a way for us to recognize one another as brothers and sisters united in Christ, and not separated because of Christ.

a.k.a. Fr. Santo