Virtual Vocation Retreat
Begin by following the steps below!

Welcome to our Virtual Vocation Retreat. This section of "Into the Deep" is dedicated to men who are interested in discerning Redemptorist Life and Mission.

Your time is precious, and you often can not free up an entire weekend to participate in a Vocation Come and See Weekend. So we invite you to take the time that you are able, to participate in this virtual retreat. Since much of the information you will read and reflect on is the information that you would reflect on and hear at an actual Redemptorist Come and See Weekend, the "Virtual Retreat" cannot replace the actual opportunity to spend quality time in prayer and reflection, as set out in a weekend time away. Therefore, we invite you to take the time you need to pray, to reflect, and to consider the information presented to you at your own pace.

Directions for the Retreat

As you begin your Retreat, you will see a series of topics in the "Virtual Retreat" menu. We ask that you follow the topics in order since some of the topics are progress. Many of the topics refer to actual pages on this website, but offer reflection after each page is viewed.

Simply select the topics in order. To help facilitate the order of reflection, the topics are divided into sessions. We invite you to spend time on each session in one sitting if possible.

Virtual Retreat Main Menu

Session One

  1. Preparation for making a Virtual Retreat
  2. Welcome to this time of Retreat and Prayer!
  3. Making the most of a Discernment Retreat
  4. Preparation for Prayer

Session Two

  1. Mapping your journey of faith

Session Three

  1. Redemptorists 101 - Our Story and History
  2. Redemptorists 101 - Our Story being written today
  3. Redemptorists 101 - Our Mission founded on Community

Session Four

  1. St. Alphonsus Liguori: Following Christ the Redeemer
  2. Online Redemptorist Pilgrimage
  3. Litany of St. Alphonsus Liguori

Session Five

  1. Freedom and Commitment

Session Six

  1. Preparation for Prayer and Reflection

Session Seven

  1. "To Be a Redemptorist Today" - Process of Discernment and Formation

Session Eight

  1. Vocation FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Session Nine

  1. Next Steps - What should I do next if I would like to discern further?

From the Redemptorists Constitutions:

"A Redemptorist is a man strong in faith, rejoicing in hope, burning with charity, on fire with zeal and persevering in prayer.... a genuine disciple of St. Alphonsus Liguori... who shares in the mystery of Christ and proclaims it in simplicity of life and language."