Welcome to this time of Retreat and Prayer!
Monday, November 23, 2009 by Fr. Santo Arrigo C.Ss.R.

Once again, welcome to this time of retreat!

We are happy that you feel called at this time to journey with us through these virtual reflections to meet, understand, and grow in your knowledge of the movement of God’s Spirit in you at this time, as well as coming to know how our Community and Charism invites us into mission within the Church, and how you might be able to participate in that mission through the gift of your life and your “vocation”.

Everytime you sit down to spend time in prayer, allow yourself to separate the task of prayer and reflection, with the internet. Use these pages as a tool for your reflection, and not only an opportunity to surf and look around.

To begin your time of reflection and prayer:

  • Open your bible, and light your candle.
  • Then sit comfortably in your chair, allowing yourself to relax and calm your breathing.
  • Be aware of God’s presence in and around you.
  • Allow yourself to be enveloped in God’s love for you, as you give this time to prayer and reflection.
  • Pray the Prayer, “Prayer of St. Alphonsus to the Holy Spirit”

Prayer of St. Alphonsus to the Holy Spirit

Spirit of God, you made Mary full of grace and set the hearts of the apostles aflame.
You are the Spirit of God. Be my strength against evil.
You are fire. Make me bright with love.
You are light. Give me insight into what really matters.
You are a dove. Give me purity of heart.
You are a breath that is full of sweetness. Temper the storms within and around me.
You are a tongue. Teach me to praise you without ceasing.
You are a cloud. Cover me in the shadow of your protection.
You are the giver of heaven’s choicest gifts. Give them to me in abundance.
Grant that I may love you always, then, do with me as you will.
St. Alphonsus, pray for me.
Our Mother of Perpetual Help, pray for me.

“Your God is ever at your side – indeed, within you.”

St. Alphonsus Liguori
Conversing with God as a Friend, # 8

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