Our Community Life
Saturday, January 15, 2011 by Fr. Santo Arrigo C.Ss.R.


Prayer is a pivotal characteristic of our common life. In most cases, our communities gather for Morning Prayer, Common or Private Meditation, Daily Eucharist (with parish congregation), and Evening Prayer.

Common Life

Common Life is expressed through our sharing of meals together, community meetings, common reflection on the Redemptorist Charism and Life, community recreation, faith sharing, and support in our mission and ministry.


Ministry varies from community to community. Many of our priests and brothers are active in Parish Ministry. Others are engaged in Preaching Missions, Chaplaincies, Consultancies, Inner-City Ministry, and Youth Ministry.

As Redemptorists, we choose to do ministry that we can do as a team. Our parishes most often have more than one Redemptorist present (most often there are three or more). Even if our ministry is done alone (for example, a specialization in adult education or moral theology) we most often live in community while engaged in those specialized ministries.

Redemptorists commit themselves to living a common life. Through the Charism of our vows, we contribute to the life of the church and the building of God’s Kingdom through our witness of living in community.

Each community varies in their living the common life, depending upon the members, and the ministries to which they are engaged.