Our Discernment and Formation Process
Saturday, January 15, 2011 by Fr. Santo Arrigo C.Ss.R.

“So…. How long does it take to become one of you guys?”

Vocation Contact

Initial Contact is made in many ways: Brochures, Retreats, S.E.R.V.E., DIALOGUE, Liguori Circle, Parishes, Parish Missions, Website

Follow-up includes these steps:

  • Meet with Coordinator of Vocation Ministry.
  • Fill out and return Initial Contact Form.
  • After ongoing discussion with the Coordinator of Vocation Ministry, the Contact becomes an Inquirer.

Vocation Inquirer

An Inquirer:

  • Continues to meet with the Coordinator of Vocation Ministry.
  • Becomes associated with a local Redemptorist Community.
  • Begins a mentor relationship with a member of that local community.
  • Begins Spiritual Direction.
  • May have an opportunity to do a Community Life-In Experience.
  • Works towards preparing to make application to the Formation Program.

Before acceptance into the Redemptorist Formation Program, an Inquirer:

  • Has comprehensive interviews with the Coordinator of Vocation Ministry
  • Completes application forms.
  • Participates in a psychological assessment.
  • Has usually completed undergraduate studies


(Beginning of formal Formation Program)

The Candidate:

  • Lives in a Redemptorist Community (Redeemer House, Toronto), where he continues to learn, assess and mutually discern with the Formation Director.
  • He tests out whether he feels at home with this life, and discovering where God is calling him.
  • Continues Spiritual Direction.
  • Gets to know the larger Redemptorist Community across Canada.
  • May take courses, depending upon location, ministry of community, and educational background.
  • Completes required Philosophy Studies.
  • May begin to learn Spanish.
  • Makes Application to Novitiate.

Novitiate (1 full year)

  • A year of Retreat!
  • An opportunity to discern more deeply the call to Redemptorist Life; education in Redemptorist History; and learning about the Vows.
  • A time to grow in prayer and life in community.
  • A time of preparation for 1st Vows / Temporary Profession

Theology Student

(Seminarian – at least 4 years)

  • Begins or continues studies in Theology, working towards a Master of Divinity (M.Div)
  • Lives in a Formation Community
  • Continues for the next few years as a student, living in Community, working part time in ministry, developing prayer, affinity to community and seeking Spiritual Direction.
  • Spends summers working in Canadian Redemptorist communities
  • Clinical Pastoral Education (C.P.E.)
  • Pastoral Internship (for 1 Year)
  • May learn Spanish
  • Prepares for Final Vows
  • Brother Candidates may take Theology or continue their areas of study for ministry as they prepare for Final Vows

Final Vows & Transition to Ministry

(normally 1 year)

  • At an appropriate time, both Brothers and Ordination Candidates make Permanent Profession of Vows.

Following Permanent Profession:

  • Brothers live in a local community, and serve in the ministry of that community or in the area of their expertise.
  • Ordination Candidates are ordained Deacons and serve for a year, usually in parish ministry, while being mentored by a more experienced Redemptorist.

Ordination to Priesthood

  • A Deacon is ordained priest either in his home parish, or in a local Redemptorist parish.
  • A newly ordained Redemptorist priest is appointed to pastoral ministry in a Redemptorist Community.