Vocation F.A.Q.'s
Sunday, November 22, 2009 by Fr. Santo Arrigo C.Ss.R.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have been married can I still be a priest?

  • If you are no longer married because your spouse is deceased there are no impediments to becoming a religious priest or brother.
  • If you are no longer married because of a divorce you will need to have your marriage declared “annulled.”
  • If you have children you may be better suited to the diocesan priesthood. A religious order can not take financial responsibility for younger children. If children are older there is still an emotional responsibility that can not easily be fulfilled when moving all over the country.

How many Redemptorists are there in the world today?

  • We are about 6000 priests and brothers working in 77 countries world wide.

Why do you accept people only under the age of 40?

  • We have found that it is a difficult transition into community for anyone over the age of 40. Exceptions to this policy would be dependent upon a person’s education and if they already know our community well.

What if I do not live in Canada?

  • The Edmonton-Toronto Province ministers to the people of English-speaking Canada. If you do not already live in Canada we suggest that you contact the Redemptorist community nearest to you (www.cssr.com), and inquire about their formation program. If you would like to live and minister in Canada we suggest that you establish yourself in Canada, and then contact us.

Are you able to visit your family?

  • Our families always remain important to us. Joining the Redemptorists does not cut you from your family. Therefore, Yes, you are able to visit and see your family.

What is Redemptorist spirituality?

  • The heart of Redemptorist spirituality is the Gospel Invitation “to follow Jesus Christ.” One of the most tangible ways we do this is to proclaim the gospel in simple ways to ordinary people, and to radiate the motto of Christ who read from the scroll of the prophet Isaiah,“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me; to preach Good News to the Poor; liberty to captives; sight to the blind; to proclaim the year of the Lord’s Favour. (Luke 4:18-19)

I have an engineering degree. Can I be an engineer and a Redemptorist priest or brother?

  • Perhaps, but probably more likely no than yes. We invite people to accept our mission with us to the most abandoned in Canada. At this time we are not teachers or engineers but who knows what the future will hold as long as we remain attentive to the most pressing pastoral needs in Canada. Keep in mind two details: 1) the community will always remain open to the gifts of the members, but your gifts may be used in a way you could never imagine and 2) remain open to allowing how God is inviting you to participate fully in the ministry of Redemptorists.

How does St. Alphonsus influence the Redemptorists today?

  • We look to St. Alphonsus as our spiritual father. He was a great influence on the church of his day. Through his writings, spirituality and life, we as the followers of St. Alphonsus hope to bring the Good News of Plentiful Redemption to all we meet in our ministry, and beyond. In keeping with St. Alphonsus’ style of ministry and writings, we strive to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel of Christ in simple terms so that everyone who hears the Word proclaimed, may be able to grow in faith, wisdom and love for God, and come to know Christ our Redeemer as a brother and friend.
  • St. Alphonsus was concerned for the “poor and abandoned.” Redemptorists today are challenged by seeing our youth and young adults as being among the most abandoned in our Church. We, in English-speaking Canada strike to meet this need through various ministries including S.E.R.V.E., Dialogue, Liguori Circle, Youth Ministry, Training in Youth Ministry Studies. We see this as an opportunity to be faithful to the vision of St. Alphonsus in his care for the abandoned, and an opportunity to share faith, build community, and bring all to Christ
  • St. Alphonsus was a very respected moral theologian. Through the Bio-Ethics consultancy we continue St. Alphonsus’ great legacy of teaching people to make good choices before God.
  • Redemptorists around the world are still engaged in Mission Preaching. This involved traveling from Parish to Parish, proclaim week long missions to build the faith of the community, sharing the love of Christ in a new and dynamic way, and allow the presence of the Holy Spirit to guide the people to grow in their faith and service in their own communities.

I just became a Catholic at Easter. Can I become a Redemptorist?

  • New Catholics are welcome to begin a process of discernment with our community. However, before we begin to look at applying to our Formation Program, we ask that a “new Catholic” live in their new faith for at least a year before specifically discerning entrance into the formal Formation Program.